About Us

Prime Time Hoops Academy Foundation is a not for profit organization based in South Florida, consisting of professionals who are passionate about and experienced in the game of basketball. We are committed to developing the youth through basketball. Our main strategy is to produce the best young athletes and provide them with all the tools needed to develop into elite players (physically, mentally and morally). To do so, our approach is to bring together sports, cognitive and mental development, nutrition, character building, as well as life mentoring and educational tutoring. All coaches in our program are committed to fostering a safe and positive environment for all players.  We are looking forward to helping student athletes identify their purpose in life which will provide meaning to the things that they are passionate about.  Our goal is to facilitate a higher level of competition for youth and adult athletes by hosting travel and specialized tournaments while providing impactful services that will empower adults to give back to their community through volunteerism.

"Where excellence meets exclusivity"

Mission Statement

Prime Time Hoops Academy Foundation is an organization committed to the development of youth through sports. Our vision is to train and develop the athletic skills needed to play competitive basketball. With this vision we aspire to instill foundational and life long community involvement through sports. The goal is to create an atmosphere that is character building and fun for all.

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