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Prime Time Lions Travel Team

Travel Basketball Program Details

Our travel basketball program is designed to give our elite players an opportunity to compete at a high level in several competitive tournaments while developing and gaining lots of game experience that will help them in their journey to play at the collegiate & professional levels.   

Our practices focus on:

  • Team building exercises 
  • Discipline
  • Communication skills
  • High level drills for offense/defense
  • Learning set plays for offense/defense
  • Team/self accountability
  • Individual/Team defense
  • Shooting/Passing/Playmaking/Ballhandling
  • IQ

Prime Time Lions Travel Season Costs & Fundraisers

Greetings Prime Time Family, I’d like to start by thanking you all for trusting us to develop your child as they grow to become the future leaders of the world.  It is truly a pleasure for us to serve them, you & our communities in this fashion.  We’d also like to express our sincere gratitude to you for the constant support you’ve given our organization.  You all hold a special place in our hearts.  I for one am elated to begin our season and can’t wait to see what our young athletes have in store for us as we eagerly watch them grow in front of our eyes.  Here’s a snapshot of this season’s expenses & fundraising opportunities.


Travel Tournaments- $1250 for the season. Fees are due on the 1st of each month if you choose the payment plan.  Payment plan consists of 5 payments of $250 from February – June.

Out of State Tournaments – The coaches will pinpoint certain “out of state” tournaments to compete in this season.  These tournaments will consist of tournament entry, lodging, food/beverage & traveling fees.  Tournament & lodging fees will be due way in advance of these tournaments.  Deadlines will be provided once plans are finalized.  Fees will be shared once plans have been finalized.

Practices- Will be held multiple times per week from February – July.  Locations will be shared weekly.

Jerseys- $200 (jerseys, backpack & warmup shirt)

Estimated total season cost- $1450 per athlete


Domino’s Pizza Slice the Price Card Fundraisers- 50% profit.  Cost for the card is $15 in which $7.50 will go towards your athlete’s expenses.

Car Wash Fundraisers- We’ll schedule car washes to raise funds for our travel season.

80% of the fundraising proceeds will be used towards the tournament expenses and the remaining 20% will be retained by the organization for operational expenses.  Please note, the organization will not physically distribute the funds back to the families but will maintain a detailed spreadsheet of the earnings to be allocated accordingly.  We will then subtract it from the costs and advise each family of their remaining balance.

Additional Fundraisers- will be available throughout the course of the season.