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Prime Time Hoops Academy Foundation

At Prime Time Hoops Academy, we offer kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds a structured opportunity for growth. Our enriched program is designed for hosting specialized tournaments (Aviation, Law Enforcement, 3 vs 3) all while making new friends and networking in the community. To find out more and to discover if our Basketball Academy is a good fit for you , please read on or get in touch with us.

Home of the Prime Time Lions

Home of the Prime Time Lions

Prime Time Hoops Academy's AAU Back to School "Phenoms" Slamfest

Prime Time Youth Tournaments

If you're visiting our site from another team, sign up to compete in one of our youth tournaments.  Our tournaments come with Top Notch competition and excellent service!

Men's AAU Tournaments

We believe that providing a platform for adults to play the game they love competitively is extremely important.  Sports goes hand in hand with physical fitness which is vital for our health as we age.  If you're looking for elite competition, your search is over.  Bring your crew out to compete in one of our adult AAU tournaments.

Prime Time Hoops Men's Aviation Basketball Classic

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Prime Time Hoops Academy

Phone: 347-603-3344

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