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Skills & Development Training Program

Prime Time Development Program Details


Our academy fosters a safe environment for learning, team building, mentoring, discipline and fun.  Our goal is to develop your student athletes to become elite players and the future leaders of tomorrow.  To do so, our approach is to bring together sports, cognitive and mental development, nutrition, character building, as well as life mentoring and educational tutoring.  We’ll focus on:

  • Ball Handling- high level drills to improve control
  • Shooting- technics, angles, focal points & drills that focus on all key elements of shooting
  • Defense- proper stances & strategies for one on one and zone defenses
  • Offense- a focus on perimeter & post moves to enable scoring from anywhere on the court
  • IQ- teaching the game mentally to improve overall play
  • Strength & Conditioning



  • Serve as the community’s primary basketball program, aiming to offer participants of varied skill levels an opportunity for development, challenge and growth.
  • Have a positive impact on the community by providing a service that will entice children and adults to invest their time in sports.
  • Secure locations in Broward County that will support the programs we offer for the youth of Broward County.
  • Subsidize costs associated with athletic participation, through sponsorships, grants, donations and fundraising to minimize overall costs to families that enroll in our programs.
  • To help underserved youth through our various outreach programs (school supply drives, etc.)
  • Recruit team members that are passionate about our mission, who will embody our core values while promoting quality client services.
  • Provide opportunities for high school students & adults to volunteer in our programs while molding their mentorship/coaching skills which enable them to become leaders in our communities.
  • Host tournaments for travel team participants of various age groups (grades 3 -12).